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Winter Kitchen

19 Jul 2006

I love winter except if I have to stand around outside in the cold for too long. Compared to the Northern Hemispere our winters are quite mild. At this time of the year the temperature goes down to about 0 degrees C and up to about 10 degrees, there is a frost most mornings but we have many sunny days. I think we are actually in the middle of a drought at the moment but the countryside is green. The best thing about winter is having a fire. We have a slow combustion fire in the loungeroom and the kitchen. Our house was built to have a slow combustion stove such as a Rayburn or Everhot, the kitchen is in the coolest part of the house which is great in summer but in winter I am very grateful for our fire.

I have a wonderful book called "Through the Kitchen Window" by Susan Hill and illustrated by Angela Barrett. I just love her illustrations.

The book works its way through the seasons beginning with winter. There are recipes and observations of the season in the context of kitchen activities.

This is my winter kitchen, it is my favourite room in the house. We eat all our meals here, homework is done, bills are paid. the children get dressed near the fire in the winter,damp washing is dried. There is a couch(sofa) to relax on. It's a happy room and visitors always enjoy it.

13 Responses to “Winter Kitchen”

  1. I love's so cosy and welcoming...the kitchen is the heart of a home!

  2. That's a proper kitchen LJW. Lovely stove and fireplace!. Hey, it hit 35 degrees in Warwickshire yesterday, the heat is killing me. Is this what it's like to be Australian?

  3. Hi LJW

    For some reason I couldn't use the email facility on your blogger. Here's my email if you're interested:

  4. Your kitchen is wonderful - ours is really cold because a) there is a hole in it, someone decided to remove bricks to put the washing machine in rather than just drilling a hole *sigh* and b) because it's an addition to the house they decided not to heat it. Consequently in winter it's like walking on pins it's so cold! Thankfully we've introduced an electric radiator which works wonderfully!

    We'd very much like to change our heating from gas-fired central heating to a more ecologically friendly alternative, and we both love the idea of a wood-burning stove. Definitely a project for the future!

    Thanks for sharing!

  5. Ohh this is one of my all time favorite books !! Clarice

  6. Jenny,
    Such a great book ~ the pictures are wonderful. I just love your kitchen; it's beautiful and cozy. I like your blue cabinets and are those wood countertops? Very pretty!
    Glad to hear you're using the apron; I use mine everyday also.


  7. Debbie , the bench tops are made of Tasmanian Myrtle which is a very beautiful local timber. It has a slightly reddish tinge through it and is a very dense hardwood that grows in the temperate rainforest we have hear. Unfortunately myrtle is often used for woodchippnig as it is mixed in with other trees and the forestry are not always very selective. The trees that are cut down but not chipped are highly prized for furniture and woodwork. My husband made the bench tops himself 18 years ago when we first bought this house.

  8. How lovely & cozy, wish I lived closer!!

  9. O! I do so very much love your kitchen, I would enjoy a nice cuppa and chat sitting by your fire that is for sure. It has a lovely old world feel about it.

    your blog again is lovely to visit and a joy to read.

    best wishes

  10. Beautiful, and very cosy-looking. Thanks for sharing.

  11. Your kitchen looks wonderful. I've got wood burnering stoves too. Not in the kitcken but in both living rooms.

  12. Oh wow is this a lovely kitchen! I'd love it even in summer : )

  13. Oh Jenny, Through The Kitchen Window has been one of my absolute favorite books since I was a young mother--the girls now love it as much as I do. I'm so happy (and not surprised) to see that you love it, too. I think I might hang out here in the kitchen for a while--I'll try not to make too much noise, while I put the kettle on and poke around for a cup and some tea. Shhhhhh....keep sleeping ;o)


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