A Well Earned Rest

21 Jul 2006

Well mid-term break begins this weekend. It's just a four day weekend but my children desperately need it. Kate,ofcourse, is just exhausted - she has a very full life - school, friends, animals,music. #2 son has just finished a week of exams and as he missed the last three weeks of term due to illness it has been a bit stressful although he remains calm on the exterior. #1 son is studying for his HSC and has mid-year practise exams after the mid-term break. My husband had Monday off as well .( painting by Carl Larsson)

Just to prove that I do actually finish some of the things I begin, here is the beret I made my daughter when I first started this blog.

It is being modelled by her horse who did have luxurious hair but my daughter felt he needed a crew cut. Even though I used alpaca for the band she claims it is still a bit itchy, however, she does wear it when she is in the mood to write poetry li
ke Jo in Little Women.

And here are the famous wrist warmers I made my husband to keep him warm when he plays cards in the evening at his friend's house outside on the verandah regardless of the weather.

My Mum called around yesterday with a treasure box of seedlings all beginning with the letter P. How is it that all these P plants flower in winter: primulas, pansies, polyanthus, poppies.I will plant them in the front garden tomorrow with Kate's help. That way they will be safe from the chooks.

One more thing , I borrowed this from the library yesterday. It's a pity the patterns only go up to size 5, they really are very pretty. There are a few things I would like to make anyway, the accessories and toys and maybe I will attempt to enlarge one of the garments if Kate likes any of them.

6 Responses to “A Well Earned Rest”

  1. He plays cards outside on the verandah in the evenings, at this time of the year!?! brrrr...I'm cold thinking about it. Great knitting ~ I am in awe of anything more than a knitted scarf.
    The plants are going to add some winter colour to your front garden...I think I might get some next week...they're so cheery.
    I am sure the kids will enjoy their mini break...they deserve it.
    guess what? I didn't get any sewing done...it was too nice and sunny to stay couped up inside so I have been outside helping hubby with the shed and pottering around.

  2. Hi Jenny

    My eldest is now off school for the six week summer break. I'm really glad she's having this break now as she is a bit fed up. We're off to Devon tomorrow and I can't wait.

    I love the beret - we're reading Little Women at the moment! I also love your "p" seedlings - instead of borders designed by colour you could do alphabet borders. That would be a bit of fun! See you next week!

  3. I love the beret! The colours are gorgeous :) We find it quite difficult here to find good bedding plants that will survive the -5ºC drop in temperatures. Looking at a Malcolm Hillier book on container gardening did bring up some results for some evergreen pot-plants, things like ivy and wintergreen look really good, especially variegated plants. I just hope everything we've got in our garden survives the winter!

  4. I have really enjoyed hearing about your life there.. and it being winter... helps remind me to appreciate summer here, on days when all I want to complain about is heat...I know winter will be back all too soon, which has its own merits, but I am glad to be reminded to enjoy the here and now! Enjoy the break!

  5. Love your blog! Will have to read more. The beret is so pretty--I wish it were cooler here, tooo hot here in Nashville!!

  6. hmm, never think about getting books from the library for myself, wonder if our has this book in, I have been wanting to look at it for some time, and my little ones are still small enough, just about.


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