True Confessions

5 Jul 2006

Two years ago I gave up work to stay home full-time. I could give myself this luxury because my dutiful husband continues to work full-time. I love being homebased and have never felt a strong desire to work or earn money.

Since my first child was born 17 years ago I have worked for 7 years ,always part-time and only in 2-3 year stints. Usually I gratefully retired because of the impending birth of my next child but the last time I left because I was losing the will to live. I hated working even though it was a well paid, convenient, challenging job. It wanted more from me than I was prepared to give and I was tired of having to worry about things I didn't
care about.

I know my husband worries about the fact that I don't bring in a regular paycheck although he does appreciate everything else I do. The thing is I don't really do much more than I did when I was working but I do it in a more relaxed, less grudging and more creative way. I don't have to cram my life into 3 days and lose the other 2 weekdays to work.

When you work, and care for home and family all to the best of your ability there is an adrenelin rush which can be quite addictive. But after a while I just became a grumpy, disillusioned, slightly mad woman. I'm still slightly mad but I'm rarely grumpy and I'm wonderfully content.

I still do feel selfish at times especially when my husband is feeling stressed at work but one stressed adult is better than two stressed adults competing for attention - "mine's worse than yours". And isn't it wonderful to be mistress of your time, to set your own goals, to not have to have performance assessments, professional development and peer reviews. No mission statements or accreditation.

Becoming a wife and mother is a wonderful chance to travel on a fabulous journey of self discovery. Learning over and over again all the things you thought you already knew about each other is one of the joys and frustrations of a long marriage. Taking the time to let your children grow slowly and solidly into the people they were born to be is such
a privilege for which I am eternally grateful.

That is enough of my navel gazing, time to watch the Tour de France.

6 Responses to “True Confessions”

  1. I feel very blessed to be able to stay home. Actully at this piont, unless I earn a big salary. I think it would cost more for me to go to work. Then me staying home and saving us money. Clarice

  2. Jenny

    This is a great post and "speaks" to me also. Even as a child I only ever wante to get married and have kids - I fell into going to Uni, getting a career. Content is such a great word for how I feel. Nice work.

  3. Love your pictures and yes, it is the most wonderful thing to stay at home with your children and homemaking if possible. I have a friend who works and she recently told me women should not buy into the ....women SHOULD work...she says to that. again...if possibe, some have no choice.

  4. Oh my - our lives and feelings are eerily similar. You've articulated it brilliantly. I used to be pretty ambitious. Now all I want to do is be at home. I love having the time to spend with my children without all the stress to fit it all in somehow.

  5. Hi

    How refreshing to see another Aussie who has similar values to myself - just wanted to share another blog with you - - just incase you haven't come across it... they put some good stuff on there and I was lucky enough to stay with one of the contributors for 3 months last year!



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