Supermarket Sunday

17 Jul 2006

My loungeroom is drenched in friendly winter sunshine. We are yet to have our first snowfall in the north of the state and the spring bulbs are forcing their spikey leaves up through the mulch left by autumn. Usually the snow comes in August, a sharp finale before the sunshine , rain and wind of spring. It rarely snows in the town where I live but the mountains which surround us are generally covered in snow for my birthday in August.
The quiet relaxing day I planned yesterday turned into a day in the garden as my husband decided that hard physical work was what he needed to push the bugs out of his system. Our focus was the mostly dormant vegie garden - dormant for vegies only as the chickweed and wintergrass were making a bid to completely take over. Now that the beast has almost been tamed the view from my kitchen window is much more soothing .

................................ Our chooks helping with the gardening.

................................. .The half tamed beast/ vegie garden.

My husband is talking about moving to the country, I doubt it will ever happen but it is a lovely dream. With seven day a week shopping the traffic around us gets worse and worse. Although our street has little traffic the surrounding area does and there is a constant hum. Having all the shops open every day only seems to encourage people to be poorly organised as they never have to think ahead or plan, I occasionally have to buy milk or bread on a Sunday but that is what the corner store is for. Trekking off on a Sunday to the supermarket with its accompanying mall of smaller shops is to be avoided at all costs normally.

Yesterday I succumbed because I needed/wanted to buy some batteries ( you guessed it - the camera) which in all honesty could have waited till today. I fell into the trap of " I want it and I want it NOW". So much for delayed gratification. It was 5pm on a Sunday evening and the place was packed. It could have been any day of the week, Sunday has become just another day. Australia is a very secular society, we are not big on church attendance but even so I believe Sunday should be a family day and somehow different to all the other days. When I worked , fulltime and part time, I don't recall having a strong urge to go shopping on Sundays, although strolling aroud the bookshops that were in the inner city suburb where we lived was something I enjoyed. Somehow I don't really see that as shopping. It was quite an introspective activity as far away from supermarket shopping as possible.

Sometimes I think I live in a parallel universe and the real world is a place where you have to buy groceries on Sunday evening or starve. Perhaps in the real world people are so busy that they can no longer have a day given over to reflection and family. Maybe it's time I woke up and smelt the car fumes.

2 Responses to “Supermarket Sunday”

  1. What a great post! The UK is a very secular country too, but I think even people who are not religious miss having a special day, just to relax and be with family. I'm glad you've got a camera now and I really envy you your chickens. I'd love a couple of chickens but our garden is too tiny!

  2. Hubby and I were just discussing this very topic over the weekend!
    BTW ~ I love your chooks, I miss our girls, which we had at our rental property out at Tinderbox.


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