16 Jul 2006

Success at last, I have managed to post these pictures of the lovely gift from Debbie. This is my peg apron, which I have already used, being model by Daphne the dummy who lives in my bedroom. She has to wear my old school hat because she suffered horrific neck injuries during an indoor soccer match some years ago.

Debbie also gave me some extra treats; some chocolates that were eaten immediately, these are just the wrappers, some lovely gift tags, a beautiful piece of vintage fabric and a lovely ball of mauve yarn which you can't see very well in this photo. I have been collecting various mauve and purple yarns to make something special so I can now add this ball to my collection.

Well we have a restful Sunday coming up. This is badly needed by both my husband and my eldest son who are both in the grips of the dreaded lurgy. Luckily no one else has gone down with it yet but of course it is probably inevitable. Heres hoping we have such great immune systems it just passes us by.

5 Responses to “SUCCESS !”

  1. Looks like a fun package of things. Daphne must be badly injured but a good sport about it...=). Hope your men folk have a speedy recovery!

  2. Yes! Well done. I am so excited about seeing your pics and sharing little snippets of your life...
    I have been wanting a dummy for ages, and am sure the right one will be found when she's ready...Daphne looks great there with your old school hat and new apron. Your goodies all look wonderful!
    I hope the guys are feeling better and the rest of you escape it.

  3. Had to look up lurgy on Wikipedia and enjoyed learning something new! My dh spent the day replacing part of our roof, and in the heat, thouroughly exhausted himself. We had an "at home" last night, so tons of people came by, and we got to bed late. So today he is having a lie-in, and I am enjoying tea and quiet! Hope everyone is well soon!

    Love the apron!

  4. Ohh what fun mail. I always love it when that happens. The apron is just adorable. And so are the tags and extra. Wonderful job. Debbie. Clarice

  5. Gorgeous stuff! I'm so sorry about Daphne! Did you give those boys a red card?


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