SH! It's a secret

18 Jul 2006

I am making this for my daughter's birthday which is on the 1st August.

Lucky I have some help. Why do cats always do this?

I am also making this but obviously smaller. I made one for her teenage cousin and Kate thought it was wonderful.

She has been coveting this mohair for quite some time.

The pattern is from a book by Jo Sharp who is an Australian designer. I think she is quite well known in the States as she has been featured in Interweave Knits

Guess who has a new camera? The novelty will wear off eventually I'm sure.

6 Responses to “SH! It's a secret”

  1. Lovely stuff LJW. I've never heard of Jo Sharp. Thanks for the link!

  2. That coat looks beautiful - I love the fabric you're using :)
    Glad you're enjoying having the camera! Keep up the good pictures :)

  3. I love the patterns - they look great! I've just started a scarf (the irony is not lost on me - it is possibly the hottest day of the year so far and I'm knitting scarves!), and it has 3 cables on it, my first cables, and they are so easy to do! I didn't quite realise how easy, but also how effective they look. I am now a cable-crazy knitter ;-)

    It must be hot where you are for borage to be flowering in winter - what sort of temperatures are considered 'wintery' for you?

    Enjoy your knitting and thanks for the comment!

  4. You are a busy girl. Yummy stuff you are making. Clarice

  5. *whispering* heh heh
    I hope the novelty of the new camera doesn't wear off soon.
    The coat and knitted top are going to look good, I'm sure.

  6. Your making a coat!! You must be really professional!


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