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3 Jul 2006

I'm so glad there are other Eloise Wilkins fans out there in blogland. It was wonderful to read your comments. If you want a lesson on how to be a 50s housewife and mum then "We help Mommy" is the best place to start. Forget all those vintage and retro homemaker sites,it's in the book . My mum was and still is an excellent housewife and mother, ever since I became a mother myself I have aspired to be like the mother of my childhood.
My children say their Gran is the kindest person they have ever met, I have a long w
ay to go. All my life my mother has rarely been without a piece of knitting on the go so I guess I'm getting that part right, although she is never foolish enough to attempt more than one project at a time.

My current knitting projects are:
~ my periwinkle blue cardigan - 2/3s finished

~ Prayer shawl - 1/4 done
~ fingerless gloves for my husband - 1/2 done, needed by Wednesday X FINISHED
~ slippers for my daughter - 1 done and 1 to go , needed two weeks ago
~ Pearl Buck Swing Jacket - just begun, I've done the yoke and 1/2 of a sleeve
~ underwear for two little dolls - must be finished today. X FINISHED

I think that is everything and I had promised myself I wouldn't start anything else but my husband has put in a request for a jumper(sweater) like one he saw on the
TV. The lovely Robson Green was wearing it in the last episode of Rocket Man which screened here on Saturday night. I have to find a pattern first so that should give me time to finish all the little things I'm doing. Men's jumpers are such a huge time commitment but I suppose he is worth it.

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  1. Wow - you have been so busy! I'm afraid I am a hopeless knitter - I have a scarf that needs finishing that I started at the beginning of last winter! LOL That's about the exrent of my sklills I'm afraid :(

  2. I got out all the Eloise books I had in my collection, and read them to my six year old yesterday. I also like Sharom Kane whose illustrations were similar. My favorite Golden Book of all time was by her: Little Mommy. Much along the lines of We Help Mommy, only the main character is taking care of her three baby dolls. I lived that book as a child, wore those same clothes, and I think it shaped my mommy thinking more than I want to admit, LOL.

    Here is a link:

    And as the link says, I can almost say the book by heart!

  3. I looked up the book Little Mommy at Loganbery books.It looks beautiful. I also looked it up on a rare book site and they had one for sale at $245. They must be difficlut to find. I don't remember ever seeing it as a child but I wish I had. Thanks for the link. It's really nice to find a kindred spirit. I hope you visit often.

  4. Oh Jenny ~ Your Mum sounds wonderful. That is what I aspire to as Mum and Gran is/was just like this...these ladies are real gems ! If I can be half the woman, I will be happy :)

    I can't get over all the projects you have going at the
    I wish I could knit properly, but alas not :(

    I agree, Robson Green is lovely but I missed him in his sweater on Saturday night.

  5. Please don't think I posted all my knitting projects to show how industrious I am. I think it illustrates what a great starter I am which is fine for small projects but more of a challenge with normal projects - lots of mini goals seems to be the way to go, plus staying away from the wool shop helps too.

  6. Oh it's good to see someone else who is a 'starter'. My blog post for tomorrow was going to be a list of my six knitting projects currently on the needles ...

    As for the Triumph, see this link

    for a description!

  7. Hi Little Jenny Wren

    Thanks for posting on my blog. Great to meet other knitters! I too am starting a man's pullover (plain, plain, plain!)but there's no way I could multitask several knitting projects at once. My brain would explode. Great blog by the way!


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