I've Got The Blues.

28 Jul 2006

.........................................hmmmmmm. That's very interesting.

I finally plucked the courage to have a little look at some of my UFOs. Have a look and see if anything smacks you in the eye.

I think I am obsessed with blue. Either that or I am trying to knit things which match my kitchen. Something that isn't obvious is that each of these projects is either a cardigan or a jacket. You see I really need a cardigan preferably in a shade of blue. It's pathetic isn't it. Well now I have faced it and gone public, my blue cardigan addiction will no longer rule my life.

The palest one is the much spoken of peri
winkle blue cardigan, A pattern I have had since the mid eighties and decided it was high time I actually knitted it.

The next one, the mohair, is my no brainer that I take to my knitting group so that I can concentrate on the conversation and food
rather than my knitting.

After that comes my Pearl Buck Swing Jacket being knitted in the fabulous wool I found at the Salvos ( Salvation Army) shop. This is my attempt to knit something groovy but still have a new cardigan.

Then comes the denim blue yarn which is a cotton and wool mix and feels divine and is almost finished but I can't find the pattern so that is a bit of a problem.

The last in the blue spectrum is a loopy mohair that is destined to be a rather smart fitted cardigan that thankfully I haven't started. It sits in a cloth bag with the pattern waiting for its big day.

The cream one in the foreground is finished and sewn together. It requires a crocheted edging. The wool I had set aside for this was diverted to my son's cricket vest when I ran out of wool for that.

There, I have made my confession and now I can move on. No, not to start another cardigan but to finish all of them. Anyone seen any flying pigs lately?

6 Responses to “I've Got The Blues.”

  1. Ha! Funny. I do the same thing. Can't wait to start the next project....dun dun dun.... I have a half finished needlework pillow started (actually a pin cushion--so you know how bad I am--it's just a tiny pin cushion!!). That delphinium blue (periwinkle) is lovely. That color always reminds me of my friend Lori. That is her color. Whenever I see it, I think of her. Good luck in finishing just one. Just one!

  2. Lovely blues...
    Wish I could knit properly.

  3. Wow your really brave to tackle all that! Im so bad for UFO;s! Thanks for visiting!

  4. Hi Jenny

    My stash is largely green...LOL

  5. What a fun post! Maybe now that your yarn is "out of the closet," some of the UFO's will be finished. I'm not sure I am "ready" to take mine out and look at them!

  6. Just one or two knits on the go then!!!


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