I am really good with computers.

13 Jul 2006

Ah, finally I have had my morning cup of coffee. I committed the unpardonable sin of sleeping in this morning. As everything else that happens here in the morning hinges on me getting up at the right time you can guess it was a bit of a messy morning coupled with the fact that I didn't manage to have my coffee before getting everyone else up. But now I have caught up on all my morning jobs and can take a little break.

I had a lovely day yesterday mainly because I could spend a little money and buy something without feeling guilty. Although it was a freezing morning there was bright sunshine and no wind. I left the house early when everyone was heading off to school and work and went shopping to pick up my camera. It has been on lay-by for two months and I have been dutifully paying it off. It is an early birthday present for me. Now I will be able to take pictures of my dolls and attempt to sell them in my Etsy shop which I am setting up....

I am committed to making dolls that are beautiful and meant to be played with and are made from the best quality natural materials I can find. I love being able to work with such satisfying materials - wool fleece, mohair, alpaca and woollen yarns,pretty and hardworking cottons and corduroys, bright silky ribbons and soft felts. It's great and I would still do it even if no one wanted the things I make. But I do believe it's really important that children get a chance to play wint and love something that is real and beautiful. I know many big girls who like to play with my dolls too, or just talk to them.

.... After I picked up my camera I walked through lovely old City Park which was almost deserted, no pre-schoolers in the playground - it was covered in a thick frost. The monkeys were having a woderful time though,their enclosure was bathed in sunshine and they were very frisky( in a G rated way- it isn't spring yet).

A quick visit to the library to order a book then on to pick up my sons' lay-by - a lap counter and timer for their racing car track. We are very big on lay-bys in this house, it's all about delayed gratification, it's supposed to be good for you and it's easier on the budget. On to the wholefood store for some freshly ground peanut butter( and white chocolate covered raspberries), and a quick look in the bookshop before catching the bus home.

Once home I stoked up the fire, fired up the computer, took a couple of photos and then tried to figure out how to upload or download them, which ever it is. I was just starting to get somewhere when my parents arrived with an early afternoon tea. I hadn't even had lunch. It was my Aunt's 78th birthday the day before and my mum had overcatered and we ,luckily, received the leftovers. After they left the children arrived hime from school , all in good spirits after a busy day. No more computer for several hours as the after school routine started.

I did eventually manage to get the pictures on to the computer and to a place that allows me to post them, I think, so now you can see the lovely present I received from Debbie. Argh! It didn't work, I will have to try again later or I will run out of day to do other things. Sorry.

5 Responses to “I am really good with computers.”

  1. Your day yesterday sounds wonderful.
    Congrats on your new camera, I can't wait to see your pictures.
    Good luck with your Etsy shop, I'm looking at opening one too...still working on items to stock it with.

  2. Your dolls sound great. What's the address of your shop?

  3. Jenny,
    I am so glad that you received the package safely and that you liked it.


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