Frugal Knitters

26 Jul 2006

My Mother has three sisters; Connie ( my mum), Maisie, Jess and Nancy. All four sisters have always been tremendous and enthusiastic knitters like many of their generation. It wasn't hip then, it was just something you did, a tangible contribution to the family.

Nancy was a married woman with children by the time my mum was a teenager. When Nancy left home to marry she made my Grannie these two tea cosies. Somehow they became mine. I've had them for many years.

The larger on
e is crocheted in a very fine wool and has a knitted lining

The smaller one is also crocheted but is not lined.

My mother used to tell me how to help make ends meet when times were tough Auntie Nance used to unpick and reknit clothes for her three children as they grew adding stripes and patterns to introduce extra wool.

If you ever get the chance to read the book Thrift To Fantasy by New Zealand author Rosemary McLeod you will really enjoy readin
g about and looking at pictures of the wonderful and sometimes ingenious needlecraft of her recent ancestors. It is a celebration of a tradition of home textile crafts that certainly speaks to me of the lives and handiwork of my mum and her three sisters.

8 Responses to “Frugal Knitters”

  1. These are really charming. I LOVE the large one. I would love to learn how to make them. I will have to look around. Thank you for sharing them. Clarice

  2. Hi Jenny,
    I found you via Peartree Cottage, and have just finished reading your entire blog - love it! These tea cosies are just gorgeous - how nice to have family-made items in such good condition after all that time. I recently acquired a copy of "Thrift To Fantasy" after I saw it mentioned on another blog. It is one of my favourites in this kind of book, of which I have at least a dozen from the USA, England and Oz, and now N.Z.
    My passion is hand embroidered the little doiley peeking out from under the teacosy in your photos!

  3. I love it. So much more prettier than the old crochet toilet paper covers. I hated those (remember with the doll's head on top of some?). haha. These are lovely though. They are quite beautiful, even the colors. You're very fortunate to have them from your Gram's.

  4. How lucky to have these lovely old covers that are from your aunt.
    I think they both are darlings.

  5. Hi Jenny

    I have a "thing" for tea cosies so I love these. Thanks for the link to the book by the way - I wonder if we can get it in the UK?

  6. I'm sure the book is available in The UK because Jane at Yarnstorm was talking about it a few months ago.

  7. You are so blessed to have these family treasure! The tea cosies are **so beautiful**. I am in the get comfy, cosy mood, here, so I'm hangin' out at *your house* for a bit, before we go to pick up the new baby goat--I'll get some photos to share. You are most likely snoozing away right now. I'm being quiet as a mouse, so as not to wake you ;o)


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