5 Jul 2006

Did you know that Dutch housewives down through the centuries have been respected and admired as excellent housekeepers. I wonder why a nation's women should all be seen in this way, how was one country measured against the other, did standards differ between town and countryside? Would Australian housewives ever make the grade? I have no idea if the Dutch supremacy is still the case or if the rest of us have caught up. We will probably never know as I think it would take a very brave researcher to even consider passing judgement on any 21st century woman's housekeeping skills.

I certainly haven't used any of my skills this morning. I had to make an emergency dash to town to take something in for my husband and ,ofcourse, while I was there I had to do a few jobs : pay a bill, pay some off my laybys etc. Nothing exciting especially when you hand money over and all you get in return is a receipt.

Absolutely lousy weather here today, it gives new meaning to the phrase "a grey day". Son #2 is supposed to be playing footie this afternoon but unless they have snorkels and thermal underwear I don't think it will go ahead. Perfect day for hot chocolate and knitting though.

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  1. You know I read that historically the Dutch housewife was the best. I was thinking that it was perhaps to do with Puritanism, however, I could be wrong. I did also once read that British women have the muckiest floors in Europe - that got my goat no end! Since them my kitchen floor has been immaculate (honest 'guv!) Nice blog Jenny Wren!


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