Cookery the Australian Way

10 Jul 2006

We have had computer problems since last Thursday. Nothing to do with computers is ever easy. What is worse is the amount if time I have had to waste getting it all fixed. But that's all over now, fingers crossed.

I was going to give a list of my favourite cook books and then realised that although I have many beautiful and interesting books the one I use most often is my 1969 copy of Cookery the Australian Way. This is the second edition of the book that was originally published in 1966 to teach Home Economics to girls in Victorian and Tasmanian High Schools. My copy originally belonged to my cousin and I inherited when I started high school in 1972. I presume my sister used it as well but somehow it ended up with me. It is especially good for dessert, cakes , scones and biscuits(cookies). Really I use it mostly for desserts and consult it for custards and sauces too. The page with chocolate pudding, Golden syrup dumplings and lemon delicious is covered in dried splashes of various ingredients.A 40th Anniversary edition of the book has been released but I'm not sure that it has all my favourites in it.

Another slightly daggy book I use is the Margaret Fulton Encyclopedia of Food and Cooking. Whatever ingredient you have you can look it up and find a recipe for it. This is very useful when all you have is ingredients and no inspiration.

The other book I use almost daily is my book of recipes gathered from various relatives,friends,magazines, newspapers and a few I made up myself. I could cook everything I need to cook with just these three books, inspiration and common sense.

Which begs the question, why do I have so many cookbooks? Really I guess it is because so many are beautiful to look at and dream over. Some introduce you to new cooking methods, new ways of using ingredients and new ingredients. Some I have bought just because they are fashionable or because of some new fad of mine. I can honestly say that I have made at least one thing out of each book I have. Occasionally one of these recipes has even made it into my hand written book to become a family favourite.

So, I was going to do a show-offy list of to-die-for cookbooks instead you get my daggy but useful list. I will share some of my favourite recipes out of these books in future posts.

My beautiful parcel from Debbie arrived today. It was perfect timing as I had just finished an awful morning of frustrating phone calls with our ISP, made myself a cup of coffee and the doorbell rang. I will be able to share the contents of my parcel with you later in the week as I pick up my camera this week. Thanks again Debbie, it was wonderful.

5 Responses to “Cookery the Australian Way”

  1. I enjoy cookbooks ever so much. Just got 2 new ones. The one is called Sugar Pie & Jelly Roll. Sounds like fun, doesn't it. Glad your pc is ok now. I've spent so much time online today...not good but enjoyable. I'll be good tomorrow.

  2. I too am a real fan of cook books. I read them when I'm dieting! The best one for vicarious pleasure is Nigella Lawson's "How to be a Domestic Godess".When I'm not dieting I make many things from the book, eat them and then have to diet again. It's a viscious circle!

  3. I liked your daggy list. I have lots of cookbooks to. I just plain love to read about food and cooking. Clarice

  4. Thanks for visiting my blog. btw, I really enjoy your vintage clipart...really =)

  5. So interesting I should read about all your cook books I also just popped a photo of some of mine on my blog. They make me feel warm and homely when I have then around and I read them often why I have two new ones I picked up today. Astor recipes, and cooking better electrically :o) both 1950/60.

    I have visited your blog before and it is nice to be back.

    best wishes Lee-ann


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