Winter solstice

20 Jun 2006

We are deep in the heart of birthday week. Son #1 turned 17 two days ago. We had a house full of boys - easy to achieve as our house is very small. In fact he only had two friends over but they are all nudging 6ft tall. They took over the lounge room to eat and watch the soccer, Australia vs Brazil, at 2am till 4am. They slept until midday.
Son #2 has his birthday tomorrow. aAfter 3 weeks off recuperating from his operation and then 3 weeks holiday he was not too happ
y that he will be at school on his birthday. Bad timing.
Three days later it will be Mr Wren's birthday. It is always difficult to create much excitement about the last birthday because everyone is birthdayed out.
I created a fabulous cake for son#1; a chocolate mousse cake. I was very impressed with myself and everyone else was pleasantly surprised. My birthday cakes of past years have occasionally been rather sad - look good but
no-one asked for seconds.

Here is the PRAYER SHAWL link. There was an article about it in the autumn Yarn mag. Sorry to hear about your friend Beth. I'm sure a shawl made with love will make you both feel a little better.

And now for my review of LAST MINUTE GIFTS by Joelle Hoverson. Bear in mind that due to the ridiculous number of knitting projects I have on the go I haven't actually finished the one thing I am making from the book.
I found the book visually attrctive, I really enjoyed the colours and textures of the yarns and projects. I must say that this is normally en
ough for me to justify buying a book or magazine but for your sake I will try to go further. The initial theory chapters especially the one on exploring colour are well worth reading and written in a down to earth way.
For LAST MINUTE ME the last minute g
ifts would need to take no more than 4-6 hours so the first three chapters of projects - less than 2 hrs, 2-4 hrs and 4-6 hrs - were the ones I found the most interesting although there were other projects in the 4-6hr,6-8 hr and more than 8 hr chapters that I liked. These ,however, would come into my catagory of being well organised and starting a couple of weeks before the present is needed.
I loved the dear little angora booties, the pompoms and mini sweater and stockings (all less than 2 hrs).
I adore the soft drawstring pouch which is on the cover ofcourse - perfect for a gift bag or treasure bag or to keep for yourself to ju
stify having bought the book. This is the project I have started.
There is a pashmina cowl which looks lovely but I doubt I would find any yarn so exotic here in little Launceston.

I really like the hourglass sweater but I read on Beth's blog that when she made it the sweater grew alarmingly.
I would suggest that you borrow a copy first though its probably a good addition to your collection if you enjoy browsing thr
ough knitting books for relaxation and inspiration. This is a bit like recommending a film - I don't want to be blamed if you think it is a waste of time.

I have just begun the Pearl Buck Swing Jacket,
am I too late to join the knit-along and if not how do I join???? I'm using some wool I found at the Op Shop. It's a heathered wool mohair mix and 2kg cost just $7.50 and it was still in its original packaging.

Enough of this post school holiday computer time wasting, REAL LIFE awaits and besides I am freezing . I need to warm up beside the fire maybe even have a hot coffee and a piece of toast and maybe even a pretty book or two.

4 Responses to “Winter solstice”

  1. Go see Jeanne at A Bluestocking Knits (link on my blog) to join the knitalong. I have barely started mine, same with Bec, and two emails came in this morning from the group saying they haven't yet begun. So despite the fact that Jeanne and many of the others have already finished, I'm sure it would be fine for you to jump in. Jeanne also has an interview with Kate Gilbert (creator of the Pearl Buck pattern) on her blog so go look see!

  2. Oh, I love the swing jacket.. hope you post pictures. Don't think I will find time for that one this summer. I belong to a shawl ministry at my church, and enjoy the knitting time with other women. Last time we did a meditation on our hands before we knit that was really awesome. We do shawls and lab robes and baby blankets and scarves (for graduates)

  3. Jenny thank you so much for the link for the prayer shawl, and for your kind words. I haven't had much time on the computer lately so I'm just getting caught up with things. It appears as though my friend's cancer was caught early and the doctors are optimistic. I do want to make her a shawl - I think it would help us both at this stressful time.


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