Whatever happened to the Battenbergs?

26 Jun 2006

Battenberg Update
I haven't posted the recipe yet because I haven't actually made them . I made the pink and white cakes and left them to cool. I forgot all about them until morning and by that time they felt very stale. I was going to use them anyway because I thought the apricot jam might moisten them enough but the jam had gone mouldy. Several weeks later, the cakes (which I froze) have been iced and used as emergency school lunch cake, the apricot jam hasn't been replaced and now we have eaten the marzipan. I will try again soon. Now that the birthdays are over I can think beyond birthday cakes and special dinners.

I have joined the Pearl Buck Swing Jacket Knitalong even though I think most people have already finished. I'm doing it mainly to make sure I make something for myself. Otherwise I get a bit carried away with other projects and wonder why I don't have many handknits in my own wardrobe.

So many projects, so little time. Well probably plenty of time if I was more organised. I was very organised today and I achieved so much it was scary. I finished off my four dolls and a very glamorous mermaid with fabulous hair as well as cleaning the house, making a three course dinner and writing this blog. Very impressive.

Australia plays Italy tonight in the World Cup. GO AUSSIES!

One Response to “Whatever happened to the Battenbergs?”

  1. Jenny,
    I love days like that, when I can look back and see all that I accomplished. Of course, then there are the days I seem to be wading in quicksand and getting nothing done.
    I am so happy to be sending you one of my aprons!


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