School Holidays

5 Jun 2006

I have been neglecting the computer lately; school holidays began last week plus Mr Wren has had a bad case of the blues and has needed plenty of support .I must say I love being a housewife, I don't miss work at all. I say this because I am currently being harrassed by job offers, unsolicited I might add, sent to make me feel guilty. We could use the money but I don't want to get trapped in another job that I don't love or even like just because I feel I have to say yes to make people happy.

I learnt to knit when I was about 7or 8. My mum taught me and it was a gradual process. First she taught plain(knit) stitch while she cast on and off for me. Then I guess she taught me to cast on and off because there are many holey rectangular and square items of doll clothing that my mum has lovingly saved for me in amongst my childhood treasures. Somewhere along the line I must have learnt how to do purl because I emerged at highschool as a fully fledged independent knitter. As part of our grade 7 Home Arts we had to knit an item of clothing for ourselves. I knitted a rainbow striped vest of which I was very proud. I still have it to this day; my sons wore it as part of various knights' attire and my daughter pulls it out whenever she has the gypsy or hippie in her.

When I left home to go to university in Melbourne the first thing I did after my teary goodbye to my mum was to go to Myer(a large department store) to buy a pattern, needles and yarn and knit away my homesickness. It worked and I have been knitting ever since.

Twenty four years ago when I met and fell in love with Mr Wren I knitted him a jumper(sweater) . The pattern was from a Vogue Knitting magazine, he chose the wool and away I went. This weekend the elbows on that jumper finally wore through, the holes are huge - I don't know if I can darn them but I'll give it a go because guess what, I still have some of the original wool. After living in three different states and eight different houses I still have the wool. I guess in years to come when my daughter is grown up and comes home to visit I'll still have her first holey pieces of knitting for her daughter to look at and wonder.

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  1. These are the stories I love...I cherish things with a history, memories and the passing on to the next generation.


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