Frantic Friday

23 Jun 2006

Well two birthdays done and dusted, one to go. I'm just about to head out to buy my husband's present. Men can be so difficult to buy for even when you have known them for more than half your life.I shouldn't have left it till the last moment but I found myself low on inspiration and high on a million other things to do. That doesn't sound very nice, I do care but I keep getting sidetracked. I thought I had the perfect gift but I needed him to try it out and he vetoed it. Back to square one.

I have four dolls to finish by next Tuesday. I am having so much fun making their jumpers(sweaters) and little skirts. Obviously I can't show you because I am photographically challenged i.e. I still don't have my camera. I think I know why my husband's present is causing me difficulties. I must focus!!! I think I may have made a pun there.

My daughter bought a mouse this week predictably called Stuart. It is a replacement for one she had last year that met a sticky end. You see we have three cats in this house.It has lasted four days so far but I am not confident it will last much longer.

Here are two of the likely culprits. The other one is probably licking its lips beside the mouse cage right now!!

One Response to “Frantic Friday”

  1. Love your kitties....they look as if they know how to handle mice and then some...=). Here's hoping little Stuart has a long and happy life.


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