Film Festival

9 Jun 2006

We have been having a Jacques Tati film festival here for the past few nights. My eldest son does not approve but the rest of us have enjoyed it.
Stephen and I discovered Tati many years ago when we were living in Melbourne and frequenting Art House cinemas. His whimisical Monsieur Hulot is a wonderful and endearing character.
Last year I was wandering through town when I noticed a boxed set of Tati films on DVD so I gave them to my husband for his birthday.
My favourite is Jour de Fete followed by Mr Hulot's Ho
liday. I
have a problem with Mon Oncle in that everytime I have watched it I have fallen asleep. I always nod of at about the same time and wake up for the final scene. I bet you can't wait to see it. Everyone else stays awake so it must just be me . I have the same problem with my husband's favourite film Allegro Non Troppo. About 2/3s of the way through I fall asleep.
It is always such a wonderful deep sleep when you nod off in a film. Not even the discomfort of having to sit up takes away from the incredible deep relaxation. I once fell asleep during a French film about Mozart ( I think ) and there was this young woman with TB who was drinking fresh cow's blood. That sounds a bit bizarre - perhaps it was a dream. Anyway I will always remember it as my best ever cinema sleep.

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