2 May 2006

Here are some toadstools and other bits and bobs I made for our Autumn table. My boys, Louis and Andrew, are too old to worry much about such things but my daughter, Kate, is not quite 9 so she still likes to welcome the changing seasons. The real life versions of these toadstools are threatening to take over the front garden at the moment but they do look very pretty in the beautiful Autumn light.

This is what Kate calls the apple garden, there are two apple trees, a peach tree, a cherry tree, a greengage and a passionfruit vine which is yet to bear fruit. The old laundry tub normally has some goldfish in it but as Poppy(the dog) likes to drink out of it we have to replenish it with fish every spring.

My daughter was so enchanted by the toadstools she took her collection of fairies and gnomes outside to enjoy fairyland.

Autumn brings the footie season. This year louis is playing soccer again and Andy is playing Aussie Rules footie. As he is now in grade 8 he won't have to play in the early morning fog at 8.30, his game will start at about 10am instead.

I have just started knitting a beret for my daughter from an old pattern book from the Sixties. My mum had the same book when I was a child and probably still does, I found mine in a second hand book shop about a year ago. All the patterns feature mohair wool but we thought that would be too itchy so the band will be alpaca, and the crown will be a mixture of a varigated wool and some angora I found at a thrift shop. I can't post a picture of the pattern or my hat because we don't have a digital camera or even a mobile phone - this is a very low tech house.

3 Responses to “Tuesday”

  1. Thanks for visiting my blog. I was interested to see you have The Children's Year, and then I got to your profile to come and find you and see you are a Steiner family too. Love those toadstools. I posted our autumn nature table too recently. Are your children at the Tassie Steiner school outside Hobart?

    Enjoy the cookbook. I love the idea of arranging the recipes by colour!

    Good luck with your new blog. I'll pop back and see how it comes along. I love finding a new blog, especially one with my interests :)

  2. oh you have fairy rings too! not many people have these, only those that truly and utterly believe in faeries. I do! mine appear under my big old pine tree and always in a circle.
    thanks so much for visiting daily parcels!

  3. Got to love a blog that starts with an Amanita muscaria (the red & white mushroom) photo. You know, they sometimes are indicator mushrooms for the edible Boletus edulis (aka porcini or cep). Yum! I love that your daughter brought her fairies out to the mushrooms. I would have done the same. :) P.S. Thanks for visiting even though G.T. was kind of grumpy about my Christmas post.


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