Thank you

22 May 2006

Thank you and hello to everyone who has visited my blog. I really enjoyed your comments and I have enjoyed visiting your blogs for sometime now.

I think I have finally caught up on all the washing now after my week away. Today was a perfect drying day, a good strong breeze and plenty of sunshine. Late Autumn in Tasmania is a beautiful time; the colours, the light, the invigorating air and its cold enough for a heartwarming fire.

Since we came back from hospital I have been trying to put a three course meal on the table each evening. It's usually soup, mains and pudding. My two sons are ravenous teenagers and often want seconds or thirds so I decided I would be able to give them more variety if we have three courses. It also means that first course(usually soup) takes the edge off their appetites so that the main course is eaten at a less frantic pace and there is more time for conversation. I have loads of cook books so I will be able to supplement our old favourites with some new favourites.

We watched the Eurovision song contest last night. It has become an annual event for # 1 son and me . My son is interested in anything with a hint of competition especially when it pits one country against another. For some reason we all stayed up to watch it this time - talk about desperate. Actually it was quite entertaining in a bad way at least until the voting started. We had the atlas out to check out all the different countries especially the former USSR states. I thought the winners were terrible but I'm not European so what do I know.

I can't post any of my new projects because we don't have a digital camera and I have to go through major negotiations to borrow one. A camera is on my birthday list but my birthday is not until August .

2 Responses to “Thank you”

  1. Oh I hope you can get a camera soon - I love seeing the things that everyone makes!

    Glad things are slowly getting back to normal for you :)

  2. Haven't we been having some glorious Autumn weather lately? I love it.
    It's a nice feeling when the washing has been caught up with, and as for the 3 course dinners, well done. I actually was pondering the idea myself, but my family (unfortunately) aren't big on soup...maybe I could just try a few and see how we go.
    I look forward to seeing pics of your projects when you get your camera in August :)


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