Poor Boy

8 May 2006

Andy has been unwell since Saturday evening. We are hoping it is just a tummy bug and not appendicitis. I feel so powerless when one of my children or my husband is ill. I do my best to make them comfortable and maybe even make them laugh, I definitely make sure they know they are loved but usually only time can make them better. Hopefully he will feel brighter tomorrow.

These are the three figures that sit on top of our computer screen. For some unknown reason the penguin in the middle routinely throws itself on to the floor where it is attacked by our kitten who then carries the penguin of to a farflung corner. I don't know if the penguin yearns for adventure or has a death wish.

Not much happening craft wise at the moment because of my nursing/mothering duties although I did knit a mohair skirt for one of my daughter's dolls who has been feeling the cold.

The Beaconsfield miners seem to be almost free. Can you imagine how they will feel when they can stand up straight again and smell the sweet air. It has been quite cold here lately but I guess it is pretty cold under the ground too. Beaconsfield is about half an hours drive from here so the local paper has been in a frenzy about the accident for the past two weeks.

3 Responses to “Poor Boy”

  1. I hope your bot is feeling better soon.

    As I write this the miners have just walked out - simply wonderful news! A beautiful start to this Tuesday morning...

  2. I meant, I hope your BOY is feeling better soon LOL

  3. I have really enjoyed visiting your blog today. Hope your little boy is feeling better soon. Your children won't forget the kindness and care you show them while sick and the lovely little knitted skirt for a cold dolly. Such a beautiful idea - really warms my heart.

    Wasn't it great to hear the news this morning that the miners are finally free! What a terrible ordeal for these very brave men.


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