Home Again

15 May 2006

  • I have spent the past week in hospital with my son. His tummy trouble turned out to be a ruptured appendix. He had an emergency appendectomy and has been on large amounts of antibiotics and IV fluids since. He was discharged from hospital today and he won't be going back to school before the end of term. My wonderful husband, Stephen, has taken care of everything on the home front so that I could stay in hospital with our son. As a family we are a pretty healthy lot and this is the first time any of the children has been in hospital. I am so looking forward to getting into my own bed tonight. Hospital can be a very lonely place so I was happy to be there with him. He is making a slow but steady recovery and its wonderful to have him home.
  • Ofcourse I am now behind schedule with my craft work but I should be able to catch up as I will need to be home for my son.I did do some knitting - some flower brooches and I finished the back of my periwinkle blue cardigan. It was difficult to find a comfortable knitting chair in the hospital.
  • Mothers Day was a lovely day even though I didn't get breakfast in bed. We had afternoon tea at the hospital provided by my wonderful mother and Andy was able to eat for the first time in a week. My brother and his wife came up from down south for the weekend and it was great to catch up with them. My S-I-L and I went to a delicious little French bakehouse for a fat little cake and some coffee -YUM! That was on the Saturday so I had two yummy afternoon teas in two places.

  • I am so happy that Andy is home. To feel so helpless and powerless when your child is in pain is a terrible thing and my husband and I have had a very emotional week. Such things have a way of sorting out your priorities - nothing comes above family.

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