Dolly Day

19 May 2006

Today was supposed to be devoted to dollmaking and ofcourse looking after my convalescing son. I did do some dollmaking, some dreaming and I started making a scarf from a book called AlterKnits by Leigh Radford. The scarf is actually a tube knitted in kid mohair with a length of silk fabric through the centre which can be embellished with beading. I didn't have any kid mohair at hand so I'm using a 70% mohair 30% wool blend in a pink through gold to purple variagation. It is knitted on a circular needle and is all plain stitch so it is easy to knit and read. I find if I can't read, listen to music or watch TV while I knit then I fall asleep. I don't like to watch TV during the day and my son (the sick one) doesn't appreciate my music so I read my book - Almost French.

The weekend is upon us. No plans really. My older son has a couple of soccer games tomorrow so my husband will be there with him and in the evening the same son is performing at the competitions (the eisteddfod). He plays the trombone. One of us will go with him, one will have to stay home with the sick one and our daughter.

I hope to make my daughter's PJs so I can cross them off my list. Otherwise I will end up buying her some and that would be silly.

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