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Julian's boots

Where are my boots, I want to go outside and play?

Julian , I am making you some new boots  so can you play inside until they are finished?

 Sir Handel says you  troublesome trucks must behave or I will call the Fat Controller.
Black engine wants to be a really useful engine and you are making him sad.

Sir Handel parked in the shed
and went to sleep...

Jenny, are my boots ready yet?
The engines are going to sleep.

Jenny says my boots won't be ready until tomorrow.

 I don't want to stay inside any longer.

I will go out into the garden, I won't get my socks wet...
maybe I will wear some socks over my socks so my feet stay dry. 
Jenny is busy giving the dog a bath and bringing the washing in 
and I  won't get wet socks if I try really really hard.

Julian will be available by auction on Friday morning AEST .
I will share a link to the auction listing as soon as it is done.
He will have some clean dry  socks and some boots of his own by then.