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The sunroom

It has been more than 2 weeks since I retook possession of the sunroom as my sewing room.
When we first moved into this house I was a few months pregnant with our first child.
It was an obvious choice that this little room would be my own little space.

Two more children came along and the room  jumped between temporary nursery back to my sewing room and then to become a nursery once more and then a bedroom for Kate who has happily occupied this tiny room for 17 years. 
 And I'm not exaggerating when I say it is small, twice the width of a single bed and about 2 foot longer than a single bed and that's it with one and a half walls taken up by windows and the third wall having the door in it so just one wall that was free for posters and pictures.

It has been a big step for her to move into the boys' room, she was sad to leave her  cute room but wanted more space. It also means that my boys no longer have a bedroom. The large inbuilt wardrobe in their old room now houses their childhood memories of toys and books and clothes I refuse to throw away and lots of memories.

We have to  organise the house so that when they do come home there will be a private sleeping space for them that can easily be converted. The playroom, my old studio will serve this purpose and the planning of this multipurpose room has just begun, though the idea of a vintage caravan in the garden is still sitting in the back of my imagination.
I do love our amazing little cottage that has been so flexible and easy to live in for all these years.

around the yard

someone, who isn't me
needs to mow the lawn

I'm doing the washing