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Captain Jono

3 Mar 2015

Today Captain Jono finally got his captain's hat and that meant he needed to go into the garden and play with his boats.

He looks pretty smart don't you think.

 But there is more to being a captain than just boats and water and shouting orders.

There is climbing piles of timber

so that you also become king of the castle.
Well done Jonothon.

My boy Jonothon is ready now to find a ship and crew of his own.

He will come to you wearing his boiled wool sweater and corduroy trousers, his stripey red  socks and captain's hat and his hand knit boots and scarf/captain's belt.
He is 19" tall and a Mabel style doll ( just don't tell him that - Mabel, sheesh!)

His hair is a hand crocheted brushed mohair wig.

Jono and his clothes are fully handwashable.
He is not suitable for children aged three years or younger.

He is the sweetest boy and a very good and honourable captain, a bit of a tyrant though when he gets to be king.

If you would like to give Jonothon a home send me an email to and please include your Paypal address for invoicing.
He is $685USD plus free shipping within Australia, $50USD shipping outside of Australia.

This offer will remain open for 24 hours and you will be notified by email if he has chosen you.
Oh and you don't have to own a ship because Jono knows how to make one by folding paper.

Thanks so much.


27 Feb 2015

I have had quite a few dolls on the go this month. 
It's not unusual for me to work on several dolls at once, all in different stages of creation.
 It's the way I work.
 Eventually one doll will take over and the others will have to amuse themselves for a while  as I concentrate on the one who has pushed to the front of the queue.

Marshmallow is the pushy one today. 
She is all finished now, hair, face, cute bottom and knees, 
clothes ( with a little extra embroidery) and beautiful boots.
Here she is, she wanted to meet you and show you what a happy little girl she is.

Marshmallow and her friend Toffee will be available  on March 1st at 7pm ( Eastern North American time) as part of the Dollectable collection