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Esma Prudence, looking for a home

Esma Prudence will be available in my etsy shop  later today.
She is a little bubbie doll, 9" tall.
Very cute and ready for cuddles, giggles and secrets.
She is very fair like my own first born, the fairest of skin and blue blue eyes.

She is a little bundle, all those warm woolies, who can tell where the clothes end and the baby begins.
Maybe she is three quarters of a year old, practising her standing. 
Maybe she has a mummy who likes to bundle her babies and keep them cosy so she can be sure they are ready for adventures.
The colours are gorgeous vintage tones, from this range of yarns, Ruby Red and French Rose with a little bit of vintage sock yarn for good measure.

Love this little girl!

" In garden design it's very important to create a magical atmosphere that can be felt but not touched, to reach people at a deeper level"

Susan Southam
'Velvet Pears' a book about the beautiful Foxglove Spires gardens at Tilba Tilba NSW

I am writing this here so I don't lose this lovely quote.

I believe this holds true for all artistic design and what I so hope to achieve with my own work.

( Three custom dolls who will be heading home in time for Christmas)