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around the yard

someone, who isn't me
needs to mow the lawn

I'm doing the washing

Lucie Lou

For some time now I have been working away on Lucie, the English schoolgirl doll
She is a custom doll so I am in collaboration with the lovely lady who commissioned her.

 While she has been waiting for her school clothes to be ready Lucie has been wearing this adorable smocked dress that I bought from here.

I'm not sure what an English schoolgirl wears nowadays but the image we are working on is very close to the uniforms from the schools of my childhood and not so very far from what my daughter wears today, just a bit prettier.

I am enjoying taking time over this doll.
We have become friends and 
I will miss her when she heads off 
to her new home 
and her new best friend.

There is something about traditional children's clothes from that mid century time isn't there,
 so many of them are classics that sit as happily today as they did then.
I am still working on my wardrobe of 1930s doll clothes.
I will share them just as soon as I can.
Now back to Lucie and her school satchel...